Durga Sapkota

Primary Health Care

Durga Sapkota

(NPL) Nepal:  Nurse

Nominee Highlights:

Durga Sapkota is a youth health advocate with more than nine years of experience in both the clinical and public health aspects of sexual, reproductive, maternal, neonatal and adolescent health. Durga Sapkota is passionate about promoting gender equality by providing awareness training on reproductive health and rights. She has been involved in research, advocacy and activism in Nepal, where she is an emerging nurse leader. She is the focal person for the Asia Safe Abortion Partnership in Nepal, and leads a youth sexual and reproductive rights advocacy organization. Durga is studying for a bachelor’s Law degree and Masters in Nursing, with a specialization in women’s health and development . She has collaborated with South Asian Regional Justice Accountability as a youth champion for reproductive rights. She has also been nominated as a young leader for Women Deliver, and is a Johnson & Johnson health ambassador for Nepal.

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After having worked as a nurse in a clinical setting for five years, Durga came to the realization that improvements in adolescent and women’s health in Nepal required a broader approach, one that could only be attained by applying a public health approach. She has since dedicated her career to sexual and reproductive health, working as a researcher and activist. Durga is currently pursuing a law degree, which will help her become a stronger advocate. She has been recognized as a young leader in the Women Deliver cohort of 2018 and was one of Johnson and Johnson’s Resilient Health leaders in 2019. Durga is an active member of the Midwifery Society of Nepal. As a trainer, she has trained 268 adolescent girls in Nuwakot (the second district most affected by human trafficking in Nepal after Sindhupalchowk) and 32 Muslim girls at Kapilvastu (ethinic minority of Nepal – Muslim community) on family planning, menstrual health and hygiene management, safe abortion, body positivity, sexually transmitted diseases, legal literacy classes on harassment, rape and domestic violence. As a sexual and reproductive health research consultant, she has carried out research on family planning, safe abortion, menstrual health and hygiene management, breast self examination, and nutrition and mental health among adolescents. She is a nurse activist with the Women’s Movement of Nepal. In January 2020  she was invited as guest lecturer to take a session on Safe Abortion policy at Nepal Bar Association. She received a Bachelor in Nursing Science degree with a Midwifery specialization from Kathmandu University.