Edidiong Asanga

Community Hero

Edidiong Asanga

(NGA) Nigeria:  MidwifeNurse

Nominee Highlights:

Edidiong Asanga is the only nurse-midwife in her area who uses American and Nigerian Sign Language to communicate with hearing-impaired patients. She works to improve healthcare access and inclusivity for hearing-impaired patients in Awka Ibom State, South-South Nigeria by training other nurses in ASL and NSL. 

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Edidiong Asanga is the first and only nurse/midwife in Akwa Ibom State, South-South Nigeria who employs the use of American Sign Language (ASL) and Nigeria Sign Language for the care of hearing-impaired patients.  

She is a highly experienced and sensitive nurse-midwife with an exceptional record of providing stellar medical and emotional services to all kinds of patients. Adept at functioning well in a high-pressure work environment, Asanga currently trains other Nurses on ASL and NSL to care for these clients wherever they may be found. She is raising a diverse health workforce and promoting a healthcare inclusive system. She currently works as a school healthcare nurse at a special education centre. Previously Asanga has been a surgical nurse, midwife, and even legislative intern carrying out health policy analyses. 

*Edidiong Asanga not pictured. PHOTO CREDIT – Adara