Ella Skifte

Innovation, Science & Health

Ella Skifte

(DNK) Denmark:  Midwife

Nominee Highlights:

Ella Skifte has worked for many decades and tirelessly to strengthen nursing and midwifery in her country, Greenland.

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After her training in Denmark, she has worked as a clinical nurse, as a regional nurse leader in the northern region of Greenland, and later as Chief Nursing Officer for the country. Additionally,  she acted  as the interim Chief of the Department of Health in the Government. Her efforts are primarily focussed on capacity building and on getting nurses training to Greenland’s health standards. Because of these efforts, nursing is now one of the subjects taught at the University of Greenland and young nursing students do not have to leave the country to get trained abroad. It also makes it more likely that these nurses stay and strengthen their home health system. 

Ella Skifte has also been involved in many reforms to improve accessibility of health services in the rural areas and villages by supporting the establishment of basic care facilities and defining basic service packages. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ella has encouraged nurses to learn additional skills and competences to deal with larger numbers of acutely ill patients in the country’s limited facilities. She has also been involved in the development of policies and guidelines for Greenland in combatting the pandemic.