Emmanualla Inah

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Emmanualla Inah

(NGA) Nigeria:  MidwifeNurse

Nominee Highlights:

A practicing nurse and midwife from Nigeria, Emmanuella Inah’s mission is to save lives by bridging the gap between information and lack of knowledge on pregnancy. She runs the Preggy Pidgin Podcast and Safe pregnancy Africa facebook community, using these platforms to spread enlightenment and advocate for best practice in maternal and child care across rural communities in West Africa.

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Emmanuella Inah is a registered nurse and registered midwife practicing in Nigeria. During the course of her midwifery training, the school sponsored trips to rural villages where none of them spoke the native language or understood about their culture, practices and beliefs. However, they found a way of communicating and relating with the community through the language of West African pidgin. There, Emmanuella and her team created awareness about practices that promoted postpartum haemorrhage, which was the leading cause of death in the community. They organized educational health seminars in village halls, community playgrounds and the chief’s compounds. 

After completing her midwifery training, Emmanuella decided to do more to bridge the gap between information and ignorance, so she started a podcast on Anchor FM, with the intention of teaching maternal health related issues in West African pidgin. The “Preggy Pidgin Podcast” proved highly successful, and her next step was to create an educational Facebook page on pregnancy and achieving a successful transition. Not long after this, Emmanuella created a Facebook group called “Safe Pregnancy Africa” in order to reach a wider audience. In July 2018, she returned to the community that inspired her podcast, this time equipped with a practicing license, a laid out plan of improved community enlightenment, advocacy, maternal care, and childcare. Emmanuella is about to launch her first book, titled “The Preggy Workbook”, containing a detailed guide on the trimesters of pregnancy, pregnancy myths and how to enjoy the journey.