Margret Seela

Human Capital Development

Margret Seela

(UGA) Uganda:  Midwife

Nominee Highlights:

Margret Seela, an experienced neonatal nurse with a background in midwifery, serves as the Discharge Coordinator at Uganda’s Kiwoko Hospital. Her work has been integral in the development of a number of highly impactful programmes aimed at ensuring the health and wellbeing of children with disabilities, high-risk infants, and their families.

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Margret Seela is an experienced and dedicated Ugandan neonatal nurse with a midwifery background, who is passionate about improving the care of her patients. She worked at Kawempe Hospital before joining Kiwoko Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care unit (NICU). Seela’s work has been integral in the development and implementation of new programmes and research studies with Kiwoko Hospital and Adara Development. One such programme, called ABAaNA, supports children with disabilities and their parents. She also supported Adara in the development of the hospital to home programme, designed to support high-risk newborns in the hospital and after they return home. Her keen understanding of research, extensive clinical expertise, and ability to effectively communicate, dramatically improved the quality of the programme. Seela currently works in the Kiwoko NICU as a Discharge Coordinator, a new and unique role she helped to develop. She is an outstanding educator, ensuring families are prepared and empowered to care for their high-risk babies at home. She coordinates the discharge process while collaborating with a multidisciplinary team. Seela thrives in this team environment, exhibiting excellent leadership skills while being well respected by her peers. She is not afraid to speak up, especially for the welfare of her patients. She works tirelessly to help mothers and babies under her care, and their tremendous outcomes are a testament to her dedication and the compassionate care she provides.