Melissa Dogbe Dede

Community Hero

Melissa Dogbe Dede

(TGO) Togo:  Midwife

Nominee Highlights:

Dogbe Dede is a young midwife dedicated to educating young people about responsible sexual behaviour. She has also supported young mothers during pregnancy, childbirth, and in the postnatal period in disadvantaged urban areas. Dogbe Dede is now seeking to expand her knowledge through a master’s degree in reproductive health, for which she received a scholarship from the African Union Commission.

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Dogbe holds a Bachelor or Science degree in Nursing Science, specializing in Midwifery Science from the National School of Midwifery of Lome. She has held several community midwife roles and now works as a midwife for the SOS Children’s Villages BABY MOTO project in Togo. She works closely with the community, providing community-based care for pregnant women, newborns, and infants, in addition to promoting family planning and raising awareness on reproductive health in and out of school settings.

“In this era of digital technology, I aspire to be a midwife who makes health information easily accessible to all, regardless of location.” – Dogbe Dede Melissa

Apart from her regular activities, Dogbe is an AU scholarship holder, and candidate for a master’s degree in reproductive health. Besides her academic work, she uses social media profiles to educate and inform followers on sexual and reproductive health, addressing topics such as the functioning of the reproductive system, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, family planning, among others. She also shares messaging that discusses with pregnant girls who are having doubts about whether or not they want to keep the pregnancy and start conversations with pregnant women about any concerns regarding the pregnancy process.