Platel Claudine

Primary Health Care

Platel Claudine

(HTI) Haiti:  Nurse

Nominee Highlights:

Platel Claudine is a nurse who specialized in community health. She works in communities to improve nutrition among vulnerable populations. Her aim is to help eliminate malnutrition in women and children in Haiti.

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After the earthquake in 2010, Platel Claudinel worked with the International Médical Corps (IMC) as the coordinator of their cholera programme. From 2011 to 2105 she worked as a nurse focusing on the care of malnourished children. Ms. Claudine was the Director of Studies at the Training Institute in Health Sciences, coordinating the university’s educational activities and ensuring the implementation of best practices in teaching before moving to the Université Lumière. More recently, Ms. Claudine has worked at the Haitian Institute of Community Health to improve community participation in healthcare.