Rukumani Tripathi

Community Hero

Rukumani Tripathi

(NPL) Nepal:  MidwifeNurse

Nominee Highlights:

Rukumani is a recent nurse and midwife determined to improve the lives of all the mothers and families she meets. During COVID-19, she worked with other young midwives to provide free online and telephone counselling to pregnant women.

Back to Home

Rukumani Tripathi began her career as a nurse working in the maternity ward at Dhulikhel Hospital providing care to pregnant women. This inspired her to train as a midwife herself and she is one of the first registered midwives in Nepal. During the 2015 earthquake she served as a staff nurse, working on the front line of the disaster. During the COVID-19 pandemic she was providing 24-hour free online and telephone counselling along with her midwife friends. Tripathi is deeply committed to her work, be it in a disaster, pandemic or any other situation. She holds a Bachelor’s in Midwifery Science from the National Academy of Medical Sciences, Kathmandu.

“I have recently graduated as a registered midwife and I hope that I would be able to achieve what I aim for in my life: to provide respectful maternity care to the women of my country.” – Rukumani Tripathi